Hello from Austin, TX

I'm VERY new to Graph DB's. I started working on a dating website at the beginning of this year and started off in a NoSQL database. I very quickly learned that the querying limitations were a problem.

I started doing research and started noticing people mentioning Graph DB's and decided to start reading up a bit on it. As soon as I started getting into the Use Cases and strengths I immediately knew that this would be the best option moving forward.

Unfortunately, I have a deadline to meet, so I'm kinda drinking from the fire hydrant here :D. I know...I know...not a good way to start out. But, I'm looking at getting the first version up and running with just simple items and then start working on making it better once I get things going since I'm self-funding this.

So, with that said...I'm sure I'll be asking a LOT of questions!

Also...I noticed that there is a Neo4j meetup group in Austin, but there's no future events planned. Is there still an active community here????


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please, post your question in Neo4j community, and we will try to help as much as we can.


There was just an event last week that @betsy.hilliard was involved in with Valkyrie Intelligence and Austin Big Data AI Meetup! Hopefully there will be more soon!

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