Is it possible to create multiple database in the Neo4j Azure Casual Cluster?

I'm working with the Azure Casual Cluster of Neo4j, which sets up 3 core servers. I tested it out by creating the Northwind Db import from CSV files. This of course creates a bunch of Property Keys that you can't get rid of. So I was going to just do a CREATE OR REPLACE DATABASE but that command doesn't work and I'm not sure how or if you can create a new database so I have a new clean database.

My other option would be to just wipe the entire cluster, but that seems really dumb. Surely there's a way to clear or delete or create new databases on the Azure cluster. Does anyone know how to do this?

Which version of Neo4j are you using?

If you're using Neo4j 4.0.x, then you can switch to the system database in order to issue the CREATE OR REPLACE DATABASE command.

If you're using 3.5.x, then you don't have access to multi-database features, so you may have to wipe the cluster.

Also you can try dropping any indexes or constraints. If there's an index or constraint using a key, then those keys will remain known as long as the index or constraint exists.

Turns out I was using a community version as a casual cluster in azure. I dropped the VM and re-did it as an enterprise version and had no issues creating separate databases at all.

Glad you got it working. Most likely it couldn't form a cluster at all, since community edition doesn't have clustering support.