Create Multiple Databases in Community Version

(Kalyan) #1

Hello All,

I am new to Neo4j, I need to create multiple databases in community version.
I see we can do multiple databases in Desktop version, so I want to see if we can do that in community version also. If so, can you please provide how to implement it.


(Ameyasoft) #2

This is how you can achieve.

Creat a folder named like 'xxx.db' (just a blank folder) in root\data\databases.

From Neo4j root folder open 'conf' folder and open neo4j.conf file in Notepad. Update this line: dbms.active_database = xxx.db and 'Save'.

Restart and launch Neo4j. Now you will see a blank database in your 'xxx.db' folder. You are ready to play with your new database. This will be the current active database.

You can switch between databases by editing neo4j.conf file and restarting Neo4j.

(Harvey Nguyen) #3

So, we can run only 1 database in 1 instance at the same time ?

(Ameyasoft) #4

That's true with Community Edition and Desktop version. With Desktop version you can create multiple databases without creating new database folder, modifying neo4j.conf file.