Managing Multiple Databases in Neo4j Community Version

I'm new to Neo4j. I want to setup multiple databases (2 or more) corresponding to different projects. What I want is to create a separate DB for each project, but the version being used is Community version that too an old one.
Neo4j version: Community 3.1.1
I read the documentation that Neo4j doesn't support multi databases. should i buy an enterprise edition or is there any other way?
Also, I can't upgrade the DB version to a newer one, because of an old project already running on the underlying DB.
Please suggest what to do?


Neo4j v3.1.1 is fairly old ( Neo4j 3.1.1 - Neo4j Graph Data Platform ) and released almost 5 years ago. Is there a requirement to use such an old release?

And Community edition only supports 1 database