Change neo4j versions in Neo4j Azure Enterprise Casual Cluster

I'm working on Azure Neo4j Entreprise Casual Cluster and I need to create multiple databases. (I'm new to Azure VMs, so I followed the step-by-step tutorial to set up the Entreprise Casual Cluster on Azure, which sets up 3 core servers)

However, when I was doing the 'CREATE DATABASE' command, my 3.5.5 Enterprise version does not support these features.

Is it possible for me to upgrade my Neo4j version to 4.0.x ?

Hi Sabrina,

We have a walkthrough on how to do this available in our documentation. It shows how to perform a backup of your 3.5 database then restore it as a 4.x database.

If you run into any problems please submit a ticket on our Support portal.


Hi Cory,

Thanks for your reply. However I may have not expressed my question very well.
My question is " how to upgrade the Neo4j version in Azure Enterprise Casual Cluster ? "
Because when I was creating the Casual cluster on Azure, the version created by defaut is 3.5.5, and I didn't see any option that I can select a specific version.