Installing the plugin fails on Latest Neo4J Desktop

After downloading the latest Neo4J desktop i had issues with the APOC functions and uninstalled it - but now I am not able to install it again as it gives me an error with the path that it has incorrectly formed.

Below highlighted part shows that it prefixes the DB path twice to the plugins dir

Plugin failed to install. Error: C:\Users\detanna\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Data\dbmss\dbms-495ae78a-f101-4cea-b95e-fe2b09467386\ C:\Users\detanna\AppData\Local\Neo4j\Relate\Data\dbmss\dbms-d225d4b5-cc86-481a-b705-5f41309c059f\plugins contains invalid WIN32 path characters.

Hi @deepak.tanna ,

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the bug report. We'll pass that on to the developer team to get that fixed.

As a fallback you could try manually installing the plugin by opening the Pluginsdirectory then placing the jar there. Follow the directions for APOC Installation on Neo4j Server.

You can find the folder by looking here:


Hey @deepak.tanna,

I tried to reproduce this issue but it seems to work fine on my end. Which version of Neo4j Desktop are you using? Is this error showing up with all DBMSs or for one in particular? Could you share the Desktop log file and the value for dbms.directories.plugins from the DBMS configuration?

Hi Angelo,

I connected with the local support team and we were able to resolve the issue.
As I had all the data locally and the scripts to reload it we created the database with version Neo4j 4.2.1

I will retry with the newer version after a few days and let you know if I face an issue

Thanks to you and @abk for your support!