Installation blank screen


my setup:
windows server 2019
internet explorer with active scripting enabled
java jdk 11.0.14
neo4j community 4.4.4-windows

i have been following this install guide: Windows — BloodHound 3.0.3 documentation

i installed neo4j, started the service and then tried to load the gui on the default browser (IE). First issue mentioned no javascript enabled so i enabled scripting in the IE security. now when i try to go to http://localhost:7474/ I am re-directed to http://localhost:7474/browser/ and only see an icon and page title on the tab called "Neo4j Browser" and the rest of the page is empty.
i was expecting to see a login prompt or similar.

has anyone faced this and has an idea how to resolve?

thank you in advance


resolved by using chrome instead. IE simply fails to load the page.