Import XML

Hi there,

Is there somewhere a good and basic tutorial on how imports for xml actually works?
I cannot get any example to portray as an actual graph but the book.xml one ...
As I want to look into TEI-files, the book.xml example does not help me that much ...
especially if I constantly fail to get anything to work -.-

I use call apoc.load.xml("00029.xml") yield value as text return text as my entry point.

I am looking for a way to get this xml turned into a graph, which I cannot achieve by following any of the tutorials, that from time to time do it. Either I am blind, which might be, I am frustrated after today nothing really worked with neo4j (probably my fault ...), or there is sth. wrong :-D
(it contains about 70 lines and several elements)
specific children are and .

Furthermore, how would I go about to get the if I cannot use the index?
I tried where item._type="body" but it only returns null ...