Import data from XML files

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project with the goal of improving the import of XML data into neo4j. Let say my XML file is the < book.xml > provided by Microsoft. based on the <book.xml file> I have to generate two Graphs and comprare their queries reponse times.
the first graph should be created using <apoc.xml.import("...")> (no transformation of the xml file before create nodes and relationships) and the second graph should be created using <apoc.load.xml("...")> (here, nodes and relationships should be created by myself).

my question here is there kind of graph-schema I have to apply to the second graph so that it could deliver best performance as the first one? In other words , does Neo4j has some preferred Graph-structure ?

For the explanation I used the XML file book.xml from Microsoft but actually I don't use it in my project , rather gbXML(Green Building XML). here for more about gbXML

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The graph schema depends on the kind of queries you want to run on your system.

There is some basic information available on modeling linked from

or more in the graph databases and other books

Hi michael.hunger,
thank you so much for your response , it is helping me a lot.
God bless you.