Import database to Neo4j Desktop


I don't have experience in neo4j and I don't know if what I want to do is possible. I have an external application that is responsible for analyzing android applications and creates a database in neo4j generating the following files:

I looked in the documentation but could not find how to do it

Is it possible to take these files as input to view the database with neo4j desktop or browser?

Thank you all.

@gabrieliturrab if your application have some database then you can use the Neo4j ETL tool. You can read how-to article here:

@gabrieliturrab re-reading your question, it seems that maybe i did not understand your question well.
Do you already have a neo4j database created and you now want to create a backup database dump file and load it on another instance?

Maybe you should check instead:

Thank you for responding, @paul.are .

The application I mentioned earlier is supposed to already create the database and it should be contained in the image files.

Then what I need to do is from those files import it into neo4j and visualize the entities and relationships.

I hope it was understood better. I checked the links you attached but I'm not sure what I mentioned is explained.

Thank you very much.

@gabrieliturrab From the looks of it, you already have the neo4j database and do not need to import anything - you just need to use neo4j desktop client to connect to this database.

Thank you @paul.are

I read everything it says in the link, but I'm not sure where to copy the files to view the nodes and relationships...

At Managing a database

It says import and opens a directory to add files, copy all the files there but the application does not recognize them.

Hi @gabrieliturrab,

Merely copying files related to database ( from folder graph.db) will not bring the graph up.
Database needs to be properly dumped and restored. If you are using Neo4j 4.x then kindly go to

Basic Neo4j 4.0 Administration

@gabrieliturrab import folder is for loading data from CSV files.

Why don't you use neo4j desktop client to connect to this database that is used by this external application?