How to use apoc in Bolt Driver?

I can execute in apoc statement in the browser, but haven't found examples on how to use it in the python code with botl driver library installed.

For example, I put this into a file:

call apoc.bolt.load("","match(p:Person {name:{name}}) return p", {name:'Michael'})

CALL apoc.export.csv.all("movies.csv", {})

My PyCharm editor displays both 'call' and 'CALL' as unresolved reference variables. How to configure the APOC library with the driver api to work?

Plugin is already in the plugin folder.

ls plugins/
README.txt		apoc-

Also, in this link:

It says:

By default exporting to the file system is disabled. We can enable it by setting the following property in  `apoc.conf` :

So should I create a 'apoc.conf' and put it in the same fold as conf/neo4j.conf?

I think I know how to use it. It's part of cypher statement string.

Hi @lingvisa

Please create apoc.conf in the conf directory.

conf/apoc.conf <- Create

and write this.


and Restart Neo4j

I didn't change here, but it can already export to the import/ directory. So why to create this new conf? Not clear. Thanks.

Hi @lingvisa

Isn't there an "apoc.export.file.enabled=true" in neo4j.conf instead of apoc.conf?
It works for both.

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