How to load " .cypher" file in python?

I tried to drag the .cypher file to a small rectangle in the neo4j broswer interface, UI gave me response to some extent, but the file is not executed actually.
APOC is a little hard to install, for neo4j desktop 1.1.22. And I am not good at Java. The "install" button in neo4j desktop, is not available to click.
I could use the string operation in python, to split the string with semicolon, but it is not very safe if the comment itself contains a semicolon.
So, is there any function in python to load and execute .cypher file? Thank you very much.
Windows 8(x64), neo4j-community-3.5.5, neo4j desktop 1.1.22.

If the button is not available to click you'll need to make sure you've got offline mode enabled. It's a little counter intuitive but that's often the issue.