Loading a cypher file

Hello everyone. I am looking for information on how I can load several files - each of which contains cypher statements. I have looked for this information on help as well as online here - but either it doesn't exist, or I am missing it somehow. Could use either a pointer to the right place, or a code snippet.

Ideally I would have one cypher file that has 8 or 9 lines - each of which loads a separate file.

Thanks a lot!

Best to use cypher-shell for this:

cypher-shell -u <user> -p <passwd> -a bolt://myhost:7687 < myCypherFile.cypher

Make sure each statement inside the file have a semicolon ; at the end.

You could also use the neo4j browser and enable "multi-statement editor" in its settings. Then you can copy&paste your file into neo4j browser