Create a external function that returns Cypher code


I'm working with a JSON and cypher commands to import it, but I have a question:

Can I create an external function, for example in Pyhton, that returns a text with a Cypher command?

I mean, I create a Cypher command to import the JSON, which has inside a line that is calling an external function, that adds some Cypher lines to the command.

Thank you!


I think you are looking for this: Neo4j Python Driver 5.4 — Neo4j Python Driver 5.4


Thank you!! I will take a look to that article

The Neo4j Python driver allows you to write the CYpher request as a string and to send it to your Neo4j Database and to get the result:)

I've done it! I read what you said on my mail, I was without internet for a few days, but now is marked as the solution!

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Hello @gorkasalauniversidad,

I'm happy to hear that, good job! :smile: