Run cypher query in python doesn't working

I just run to make the relationship between two nodes in python.
Run the raw cypher query with tx.

When I run the query in neo4j Desktop It works, But doesn't work in python code.

Well, it looks like work, but the database doesn't update.
Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks

		poiName = poiProperty['poiName']
		with self.driver.session(database="hpg01") as session:
			tx = session.begin_transaction()
			stmt = '''
				MATCH (poi:Poi {poiName: "%s", poiId : %s})
				MATCH (mbti:MBTI {name: "%s"}) 
				MERGE (poi)-[:MBTI_IS]->(mbti)
				RETURN (poi)-[:MBTI_IS]->(mbti)
			'''%(poiName,int(poiId), mbti)
			result =
			print("result: ", result.single()[0])
			return result

Try using '$' for your parameters. I think '%' is an older syntax that is no longer used.

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Hi @gotnwjd40

I think the basic code looks like this."MATCH (poi:Poi {poiName: $poiName, poiId : $poiId}) "
       "MATCH (mbti:MBTI {name: $name}) "
       "MERGE (poi)-[:MBTI_IS]->(mbti) "
       "RETURN (poi)-[:MBTI_IS]->(mbti)",
       poiName=poiName, poiId=poiId, name=name)

You can find the good sample codes here.

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