How to connect to remote Graph?

Hi, i try to connect in remote to my colleague graph, but i don't know how to do it. When i insert the credential comes this error: Unable to establish remote connection: Database is unreachable with specified configuration. I want to know if is possible to connect to a graph not in local, and if yes how we can. Thanks for help

how are you connecting? Via the Neo4j Browser at http://:7474 ?
or through one of the Neo4j Bolt drivers and thus bolt://:7678

Connecting to a remote graph is definitely possible

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I'm trying to connect via Neo4jDesktop-> add graph -> connect to remote graph. i don't know if this is correct, but i don't know other way to connect, and my collegue doesn't know what's the correct connect url that have to give to me.

the correct connect url is bolt://<ip address of remote graph>:7687, for example if Neo4j is running on a remote instance at, then the connect url would be bolt:// Make sure Neo4j is running at Also the remote graph is going to need to allow non-local connections and this is achieved by updating conf/neo4j.conf and define parameter dbms.connectors.default_advertised_address= After making this change Neo4j will need to be restarted on the remote instance for it to take effect

When i start the graph it run on IP ADDRESS: localhost... so my colleague can't connect to my graph, there's a way to change the ip address where the graph is running?