How to add image or icon to nodes?

Anyone please help me on "How to add image or icon to different nodes in browser"

in Neo4j Browser it is not possible to change node icons. You can display just different node properties or ids:
Instead you can use Bloom to set a different icon to each label. For more info:
I hope it can be useful!

I don't know what you exactly mean.
If you ask "How can I save an image in a node?" this could be a possibility.
I save my images in a String (Base64).
So you have to translate your image in Base64, and save it in your property.
If you want to see your image, you have to translate it back to your data format.
You can even save document in Base64.

I hope I can halp you

I think he was asking how to display nodes as images. I've wanted to do the same, as I work primarily with media object and want to display each object's node as a thumbnail. Ideally I'd like to be able to edit how images are displayed (size, borders, container shape, etc.)

For now I use this Desktop hack that does just that, using the URL in each node's image_url parameter: