Is it possible to change the default icons for the Neo4j browser?

Hi guys

Totally new to Neo4j. I am using the community edition and I would like to know if there is any way to change the icon or in the worst case scenario the shape of the icons used by the Neo4J browser.

In not what third party browsers apps would do this?


I think it is not possible in Neo4j browser.
I suggest you to use Neo4j Bloom tool, in which you can set up different icons for each node label.
You can look for some graph visualization tool in this link:

I hope it could be useful for you.

Bloom allows to assign icons to the nodes, but I do not see a way to change the shape associated with the node. Specifically, I would like to change from circle to a rectangle. Is that possible?

Update: I found this post, from which I conclude the above is not possible: Readability of a graph - #2 by elena.kohlwey

Hi @fedorov
Did you find a way to change the shapes of the nodes? Replace circles with something else?