Link local image file in node property


I am totally new to neo4j. I want to create nodes via python,
containing links to images on the file system/LAN

I was able to create an click-able link to an image via:

b = Node("Person", name="Bob", age=44, image = '<img src="https://domain/the_image.jpg">')

But transfering this syntax to 'file' does not work:
a = Node("Person", name="Alice", age=33, image = '<img src="file:D:\the_image.jpg">')

Altougth - I am using chrome - is able to open the file via file:D:\the_image.jpg

I hope I made myself clear.

with kind regards,
help appreciated

Best I can recall most (or all?) modern browsers do not allow a web site to reference/open/access local files on your computer for security reasons.

You might look into hosting your own web server (even if on the same machine).