How do you completely remove a DB in a Google Cloud cluster?

I've deployed a cluster using Google's Cloud Enterprise image at and now I need to completely remove the DB and start from scratch.

All forums say to delete folder /data but first I need to stop the cluster and typing "neo4j stop" results in:

~$ neo4j stop
Neo4j not running

So, main question is, how do you completely throw away a graph db in a Google Cloud deployment? And bonus question, is how do you stop/start your DB in a Google Cloud deployment?

To completely remove the DB and start from scratch, go to the google console, on the left-hand nav, choose "Deployment Manager", and then look for your Neo4j deployment. Just delete the entire deployment. All of your VMs and setup will go away (so make sure you want to do this). Please note that the deployment leaves behind the GCP disks so you don't accidentally destroy data. If you want to 100% kill your cluster instance, then after deleting the deployment you should also go into GCP Compute -> Disks and delete the disks for the nodes, which will have the same names as the cluster nodes.

To stop the system service on the VM, use sudo systemctl stop neo4j. This will stop neo4j from running on the VM, but the VM will still be there.

More documentation on the VM specifically can be found here: