Hi from Singapore; K-12 International School

Hello Neo4j Community,

My name is Egmond Boon, and I am the Head of Innovative Learning at the Canadian International School in Singapore. I am investigating various Data Dashboards that offers in-depth analysis of students' progress and growth, and connections for teachers, students, administrators, admissions and parents. I was wondering if someone has experience with setting up a Data Dashboard in an educational institute or can point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Best regards,
Egmond Boon

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Hi Egmond,

My team at Neo4j uses Databox for standard dashboards - tracking course completions, certifications, startup program membership, community activity, etc. I've definitely enjoyed using it thus far, but it has required integration code.

Not sure whether it'd scale to have dedicated dashboards for each student though.


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Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your reply. I will look into the features of Databox, but can this be done in Neo4j as well?


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Are you looking for a existing product that connects to Neo4j and creates Dashboard ?
Products -> Tableau, Linkurious

If you want to build your own dashboard, then you can use GRAND Stack with some Admin Dashboard template -> https://bit.ly/2UqiMVq

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Thank you, DKumar.

I am actually looking for an existing product that has the same live data nodes as in Neo4j but can show different perspectives. Having the capabilities to zoom in at the business side highlighting connections, or giving you a teacher view showing your students' progress.

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Neo4j Enterprise Bloom


Agreed with @dominicvivek06 re bloom. Might also look at Linkurious, made by the same folks who created Gephi.

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I do a lot with Databox charts from Neo4j data sources. Neo4j doesn't have built-in support for charting (line charts, etc)-- but you can use graphs to explore (ie, via Bloom mentioned).

Thank you, Ryan. I will look into the other suggested platforms as well.