Bloom for academic research?

(Huw Davies) #1

Hi. I'm a researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute. I use Neo4j to investigate social scientific questions such as does AI in education have an evidence base, and is AI in education being ethically deployed? I've just completed a research paper on a graph I made with Neo4j of all the companies, government bodies, charities and universities developing AI for educational technology. However, I need a way to visualise the graph to show a general audience. Bloom looks useful, but as an academic who is publicly funded, I can't afford the licence. Is there any way Bloom could be made available to non-profits and people like me who are trying to use it for public benefit?
Thanks for reading
Dr Huw Davies


(Jennifer Reif) #2

Hello, Dr. Davies! We don't currently have a Bloom license for academic purposes. However, we have been looking into providing something like this at some point. We definitely appreciate your thoughts and input on this topic, and we hope to be able to bring this capability to academic students and educators soon! I'm sorry we cannot be more helpful on this at this time.



(Huw Davies) #3

Hi Jennifer - many thanks for getting back to me. I've looked at many alternatives for visualising a Neo4j graph including exporting the graphml file and I always lose too much functionality. I'd love to be able to try Bloom to compare it to any of its alternatives. Is a free trial a possibility? Plus, any idea when you may provide an academic licence? It's frustrating have no solution at the moment!
Best wishes