Hello From Bhanu

Hello - I am new to Neo4j. Looking for like minded folks to work (learn) together in Fremont CA USA area. Anyone interested please email me get.itr.done@gmail.com

Hi! Welcome!

We host meetups regularly in the SF / Bay Area. (and our office is in San Mateo) Have you gone to any or is it too far for you? Bay Area is so scattered!!!

Karin - please let me know the date, time and venue for the next meetup. I plan to attend

We just had one a week or two ago, and do not have one currently scheduled. But you can follow it here: meetup.com/graphdb-sf/

Did you go to Neo4j.com/graphtour?

Currently only Chicago is on for 7/19

Bhanu M Viswanadha PMP, PMI-ACP, CSM, SASM

Adjunct Professor Golden Gate University
510 825 1709