Sony Green - Director of Biz Dev at Kineviz, developers of GraphXR, a VR and 2D visual analytics platform

(Sony) #1

Hi all! Like it says above, I'm head of biz dev (and co-founder) at Kineviz. We're a San Francisco-based startup about to debut our dataviz platform, GraphXR.

GraphXR was built on and for Neo4j, combining interactive link analysis with quantitative capabilities. The XR refers to the fact that it was designed for virtual reality as well as traditional 2D interfaces. Currently GraphXR is in pilot at NIH, one of the top two social media platforms, and an international law enforcement agency.

Fun facts: I was born in Tokyo, studied sculpture and 3D animation, spent a few years in the game industry (LucasArts), and have lived in the Bay Area around 15 years now.

Hope to see you at Graph Connect!

(Tom) #2

Great to have you here Sony !

P.S. LucasArts ... drools ... :slight_smile:

(Karin Wolok) #3

Welcome! I had no idea you were born in Tokyo! lol

(Sony) #4

Hence the goofy name.
My parents named me "Anthony," but there's no "th" in the Japanese language, so I went from "Ansony" to "Sony" by the time I was a week old.
Been stuck with it ever since!

(Karin Wolok) #5

Ansony!!!! that's amazing!!!! :heart: