Graphenedb request timeout


I'm running Neo4j on Heroku with GrapheneDB. My app is experiencing strange behavior. When I got to and start typing, it correctly sends a request to (where my backend is hosted). However, the request times out (503) after say 20 s. If I then refresh the page and try again, the request goes through and all subsequent requests work for the next few minutes.

From my own investigation I suspect the cause is GrapheneDB shutting down/sleeping. I am on the hobby dyno on Heroku (no sleeping) and Dev Basic on Graphene (sleeps).

I've looked in the Graphene dashboard in the Insights panel under Most time consuming, and I can see the query I made a few minutes ago. It has an execution time of ~1700 ms. I'm guessing the best way to solve this would be to increase the maximum timeout in the Neo4J js driver? Unfortunately I can't find how to do that.

Thanks a lot this is really important for me

I can tell you from personal experience that Graphene does goes to sleep. However, I've never found a good way to fix that behavior. The driver shouldn't time out over something like 1.7 seconds. The culprit is how Graphene reacts. If you can, you might consider using a local Neo4j instance for your development environment, in my experience that's the easiest way to do it. Just my two cents.

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