Connection timeout from neo4j browser

(Shweta) #1


We are using Neo4j 3.4.1 Enterprise edition. We have been facing connection timeout very often while accessing neo4j browser from chrome.


On checking the connection pool in neo4j; it seems that > 3k connections are due to our browsers across 4 computers.

Our thread pool configuration is -
min size - 600
max size - 3000
keepalive - 10min

Is it possible that chrome is not cleaning up the connection threads and we are running out of threads in the thread pool, that is causing the connection timeout?

We are only running simple read queries from the browser.

Are there any suggestions to fix this issue?


(Shweta) #2


Any information on the above query?


(Bratanic Tomaz) #3

This was happening to me quite regularly if I was returning large chunks of data (5k+ rows). A simple LIMIT 1000 at the end of the query fixed this problem for me.