GraphAware NLP Using StanfordNLP installation issue in Neo4j 4.1

I was using Stanford NLP for Word2Vec Embedding in one of the use-case in Neo4j 3.18 version.

Currently, I've updated Neo4j 4.1 version as I intended to use Sub-Query funcitonality but doing so my installation/activation of Stanford library in Neo4j have failed.

I'd followed the step-by-step guide available Stanford Graphaware to install in 3.18 version but same doesn't work in 4.1 version. I guess this is because the different JVM version required in both the versions.

Error in 4.1:
Database failed to restart: DB [database-cfc9f5c3-daf7-4180-b398-87f7a12e63c7] 'v4.1.1' exited with status 'KILLED'

WARN Unrecognized setting. No declared setting with name: com.graphaware.runtime.enabled
WARN Unrecognized setting. No declared setting with name: com.graphaware.module.NLP.1
INFO Starting...
INFO ======== Neo4j 4.1.1 ========
INFO Called db.clearQueryCaches(): Query cache already empty.
INFO Sending metrics to CSV file at installation-4.1.1\metrics
INFO Bolt enabled on localhost:7687.
INFO Mounted unmanaged extension [com.graphaware.server] at [/graphaware]
ERROR Failed to start Neo4j on dbms.connector.http.listen_address, a socket address. If missing port or hostname it is acquired from dbms.default_listen_address. Error starting Neo4j database server at \installation-4.1.1\data\databases
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error starting Neo4j database server at installation-4.1.1\data\databases
at org.neo4j.graphdb.facade.DatabaseManagementServiceFactory.startDatabaseServer(
at com.neo4j.server.enterprise.EnterpriseManagementServiceFactory.createManagementService(
at com.neo4j.server.enterprise.EnterpriseBootstrapper.createNeo(
at org.neo4j.server.NeoBootstrapper.start(
at org.neo4j.server.NeoBootstrapper.start(
at com.neo4j.server.enterprise.EnterpriseEntryPoint.main(

Version of Library loaded in plugin folder:

Would greatly appreciate, if anyone else have encountered this and probable solution for this problem.

Thanks in advance,