Graph Matching Algorithms

(tilois) #1

Hi all together,

Neo4j has been on my "needs a second look" list for quite a while, I finally thought I found a toy project, which might be a good fit. However as I looked for graph algorithms, implemented in Neo4j I couldn't find any for my problem.

Basically I am trying to calculate a matching in a bipartite graph (the graph is constructed to be that way).
Of course I found APOC and the like, however these algorithms all are more into: Page prediction and shortest paths.

So my questions basically are:

  • Am I overlooking something obvious? If so, I am grateful for a hint / link to the right direction
  • Are these things best calculated in a graph library outside the database and Neo4j isn't the right tool for the job?

(Fruitfulapproach) #2

Sounds like more a of a job for networkx (Python e.g.) to me.

Maybe if you were searching for a certain graph out of 1000's statically stored then a database would be nice.