Getting error while installation latest versio "Cannot load license"

While installing the latest version(1.1.15) of the neo4j desktop on mac we are getting "Cannot load license" and nothing happens from there.

Please note that earlier version of it was working perfectly fine.

Please refer screenshot below:-

can you please raise this as an issue here with the screenshots

Thanks @michael.hunger, filed an issue.

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I am getting this one too. Today. Trying to upgrade to 1.1.17.
The complete error msg is: "Cannot load license Error: Invalid JWT" and the prompt in read stays ".... Please try again." But that does not help. I am stuck. Mac OS Mojave.

Yesterday when I updated my Neo4j Desktop tp 1.1.17 on Windows 10, I got this error: : "Cannot load license. Please try again".

This is how I solved this. I deleted the licenses.json file from C:\Users\xxx.Neo4jDesktop\persist folder. I found a license entry with some garbage characters.

When re-started my Desktop, I got the login screen and after logging in everything started working fine. After this I checked the licenses.json file and it has only one license entry.

Thanks. I would not say that it is an ideal solution. Previously I used my Neo4j login, but now I could only choose between social media or 30 days of trial. Hmm.

Is a known issue, which is in process.
Workaround exists.