Free Desktop 1.3.3 Download: What is really included?

I've looked at Neo4J for several years, but stopped because it didn't seem like it was really ready for "prime time". Now, it seems more mature, but before I invest any more time, was hoping to get some insight...
...what is really included with the free developer Desktop 1.3.3.? For example, previously, I thought Bloom was not included, but now, it seems like it is?

Specifically, I'm wondering if the following is really included with the free developer Desktop 1.3.3:
o Bloom
o Neo4j ETL Tool

When I go into Graph Apps Gallery, none of the install buttons seem to work (which makes me think some sort of production license is needed), but it looks like at least Bloom and the Neo4j ETL tool (along with the console of course), is included.

Still, before investing more time, I'd like to confirm that at least Bloom, the Neo4j ETL tool and APOC are included, and not some sort of 30-day evaluation. Previously, I "gave up", because the visual display of graphs in the console were too limited. Presumably, Bloom is much better.

o I'm using Windows 10.
o I realize that the free desktop version is only license for developer use.

Desktop 1.3.3 includes Bloom and APOC.
APOC, the Graph Data Science Library, GraphQL and Neo4j Streams are available on the plugins tab.
The instructions for adding Neo4j ETL Tool are here: How-To: Neo4j ETL Tool - Developer Guides.
No production licence is required, but the install buttons have never worked for me either, I use the URL in the install box as per the instructions for the Neo4j ETL Tool.