Coming back to Neo4j after some time and wondering what to install for some personal playing around

(kochuyt) #1

In the past (think v2.0 time) I installed the community edition and that was that.

Coming back now after a few years, the install link in the Get started section takes me to a page that apparently would love to have me install Neo4j-Desktop (which also seem to include something called Neo4j Entreprise for Developers).

This seems somewhat hefty, as I am only aiming to do some smaller personal projects (aka playing around with the thing).

I'm wondering if I cannot just simply install Neo4j Community Edition 3.5.2 (which I assume is still free, no strings/costs attached) and take it forward from there.

What would I be missing out on?

Would I later be able to install Neo4j-Desktop on top of this (and would this still be free, no strings/costs attached)?

Looking forward to your advice and suggestions :sunglasses:

(Michael Hunger) #2

Desktop is also no strings attached, it includes free Neo4j Enterprise Developer licences and is just a much better experience than the old crappy installer.

It also allows you to create multiple graphs for different projects, install apoc, graph-algos and graphql with a button click and also install (and develop) graph apps, e.g. for monitoring, modeling etc.

You cannot install desktop on top of a server install (community or enterprise) but you can copy your graph data over.

Desktop vs Server for newbies
(kochuyt) #3

I like crappy, it makes me feel alive :smile:

But you've convinced me to give Neo4j-Desktop a try, thanks for that and the swift reply!