The Graph App Gallery - Your one-stop shop for Neo4j Desktop Graph Apps

Neo4j Desktop had the ability to install an run Graph Apps for a while.
You have most likely seen or used Browser, the ETL-Tool and Neo4j Bloom.

The first batch of applications entails

  • the monitoring tool Halin,
  • the Query Log Analyzer or
  • the Database Analyzer

as well as third party tools like the

  • yFiles Neo4j Explorer and
  • the GraphXR.visualizer.

All of them and soon many more are available in the Graph App Gallery, which you can find at

It offers Windows and Mac users a one-click install for these apps, and Linux users a link to use in the Desktop install sidebar. You can also find more information about the authors, repositories, articles and docs for each of the graph apps.

If you want to learn more, my colleague Mark wrote an article in our developer blog about it

Have fun trying them out and we'd love to hear from you either on Twitter tagged with #Neo4j #graphapps or here in the forum in the #neo4j-graph-platform:desktop category.

Enjoy and have a great weekend,