Error during offline DB starting

Hi all!
I'm new in neo4j and want to start my first project.
OS Windows 7 x64, Neo4j Version 4.1.3, Neo4j Desktop Version: 1.3.11
I have to work in offline mode (no internet connection on host)
In first I'm create project, then create database. But an error occured during startup: "Database failed to start: Database process terminated, see logs.. Check the logs"

Screenshot and log are attached

debug.log.txt (104.5 KB)

Please provide me any information for problem solving

Hello @astramax57 and welcome to the community.

If this is the first attempt to create a database of a particular version, you MUST be online because Neo4j Desktop needs to dowload the bits for that version of the database. Can you try again online?


Elaine, thank you for your hospitality)

I tried running the database being online, but errors occurs again.
debug2.log.txt (528.2 KB)

The plugins APOC and GDS were installed successfully

When you install Neo4j Desktop, it brings along its own JRE.

Do you perhaps have JAVA_HOME set? If so can you unset it?


I'am uninstall neo, reboot and install it again being online. But the problem remaind during db starting.
There are errors in debug like "Unsupported component state for 'multi-database': The sub-graph is unsupported because it is too old, this component cannot function" and other.

debug4.log.txt (268.8 KB)

i'm install neo4j desktop 1.3.4 (neo4j 4.1.0) and database was started without errors.