Error when starting projects after update to Enterprise 4.1.1 and Desktop 1.3.4

Desktop 1.3.4 was removed by my virus projection software (virus was detected). I downloaded Desktop v 1.3.4 again, and in the process was upgraded from Enterprise 4.1.0 to Enterprise 4.1.1. I use Chrome and work locally.

Unfortunately, I can no longer open my project that was created previously ... prior to re-downloading Desktop and the subsequent upgrade to 4.1.1. I can launch Desktop and see my previous project, but receive the following error when trying to start it:

Database failed to start: DB [database-056ceb ...] 'v4.1.0' exited with status ''KILLED". Check the logs."

The logs are not helpful to me. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

Could you attach your logs so we could see some of the detail about what is happening?


Hi Andreas,
Thank you for your quick reply. See attached.
neo4j_1.txt (60.5 KB)
security_1.txt (51.2 KB)
debug_2.txt (2.3 MB)

I can't be sure, but it looks like the startup fails during initialization of a plugin. Do you have APOC or other plugins installed? You could try removing the plugins, then starting, then re-installing the plugins and starting again to check whether that is the root cause.


Success! I removed APOC and was able to start the successfully restart. Thanks so much Andreas. You're a rock star!

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