Discovering my Community Connections!"


(Arthcras) #1

I'm arthur and here are the people I found through the Neo4j Community Site that I relate to

Michael Blum ~ LogicGate:
I also believe that Neo4j is a good tool to support the compliance function within organizations

A very useful report and interesting to learn if it can be applied in other jurisdictions

William Lyon
William posted an update on the Panama Papers in connection with the Deutsche Bank. It was a year ago that I started to learn Neo4j as it got my attention to the same Papers

My peer feedback:
Tom winklers
Advised on dutch companies using neo4j

What I'd like from the community site:
I like to share graph examples and practical applications and discuss various topics related to the graph technology
Best rgds

(Karin Wolok) #2

Hi Arthur, Thank you for participating! I'm going to send you a DM with details to claim your gift! :)

(Arthcras) #3

Hi Karin

Thanks and best wishes to the team

Will review my mail

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(Arthcras) #4

Hi Karin
Thanks for your mail; the best wishes to the team
Will look into my mail
Best rgds

(Arthcras) #5

Sent back the Form for t image