Deep linking stopped working

it seems that deep links have stopped working... did something change? Is it a known issue?

using links like

but neo4j Browser never opens (neither from browser nor from app opened inside of neo4j Desktop)

using neo4j Desktop 1.3.4 in Windows 10

Am I the only one?!?

That is unexpected. Deep-links should still be working. Any chance something has changed in the Windows registry? Perhaps Desktop needs to re-register as a handler.

I checked...
the URI schema is in Windows registry and looks good

I guess calling

& 'C:\Program Files\Neo4j Desktop\Neo4j Desktop.exe' 'neo4j-desktop://graphapps/neo4j-browser?cmd=edit&arg=MATCH'

in a PowerShell should also work - but also doesn't

I also switched off Bitdefender thinking it was protecting me from myself somehow but that didn't change anything either

Any other ideas?