DBMS failed to start: DBMS process terminated, see logs

The error is as title says. I did a clean install of Neo4j Desktop 1.4.9, and upon starting it, I get the above error when it checks for DBMS. I give retry and the the app opens to it's interface. And there I get the same error when I open the sample movie database or if create and start my own local database.
Please find the log file attached, one immediately after installation and another one when creating and starting a local DBMS.

OS: Windows 10

  • neo4j version,: 1.4.9
    I am not the main user. I have a user account. I install and run neo4j with "Run as administrator"
    There is a proxy server which is enabled with the system. I tried running neo4j after disabling the proxy server as well, but it gives out the same error.
    log.txt (60.0 KB)
    LogInstallation.txt (17.7 KB)

Have you upgraded from previous version.Which is your previous version?
Many Thanks