Creating a case insensitive full-text index with analyzer 'whitespace'

Neo4j Version: 4.4.2
Edition: Enterprise

Currently I'm trying to implement a case-insensitive full-text index with the 'whitespace' analyzer.

CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX carIndex FOR (c:Car) ON EACH [c.ShortDescription, c.Name] OPTIONS { indexConfig: {`fulltext.analyzer`: 'whitespace'}}

When hitting this index it seems that it is case-sensitive.
Looking at the Full-text search index documentation I'm unable to find what I'm looking for.

Is there a way to create an index which is case insensitive and tokanizes on whitespace?

Other sources I've looked through:
Full-text index analyzer providers
Custom analyzer for fulltext search in Neo4j

Hello @Stef-van-Stipdonk :slight_smile:

Full-text search indexes are normally case-insensitive. Your query to create the index looks good. How did you test it?


Seems like the default analyzer 'whitespace' doesn't make everything lowercase.
As a solution a custom analyzer has been created which tokanizes on whitespaces and is case-insensitive.