Connection info confusion in "Importing CSV files" exercise

In the Importing CSV Data into Neo4j > Using the Neo4j Data Importer > Importing CSV files with the Neo4j Data Importer exercise, instructions for connecting to the sandbox instance are confusing.

In Step 11: Import the CSV data, the instructions offer this guidance:

The Host location should be a bolt URL for the sandbox that was created for you for this course. You should have received an email with this information ...

(emphasis mine)

I did receive an email with connection details, but none of them worked in the importer. I logged into the sandbox site to see if I was missing something and discovered that both the bolt URL and the password were different from what I received in the email. I went through a whole host of errors in the data importer before checking the sandbox site.

It might be better simply to direct folks to the sandbox site.

How long ago did you receive the email? If it is more than 3 days ago, the sandbox will be automatically terminated and when you continue with the course, a new sandbox is created (with different credentials).

We will change the text to direct folks to the sandbox site if their credentials do not work from the email.

Thanks again @derek_dehart


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I received the email this morning when I enrolled in the course. The connection info I used from the sandbox site to get the data import to work is vastly different from the connection info in the email. I can share with you privately if that's helpful.

Thanks for the heads-up. We will investigate.



I am also unable to connect to the project instance created in the sandbox on the same day as when I did this exercise. Host and password were copied from the connection details tab found in the sandbox. The error I get in the importer is:

"Could not perform discovery. No routing servers available. Known routing table: RoutingTable[database=default database, expirationTime=0, currentTime=1652518428570, routers=, readers=, writers=]"

Hello @amirwesthoff ,

I recommend that you try refreshing your Data Importer window and try again. There may have been a temporary problem that should have resolved itself with the sandbox.


I had the same issue just today. Only solution I could make work was using instead of the given importer website, and, on Run Importer prompt, using the "bolt+s" url from the database details.
Good luck.

If you followed the previous steps with success:
Try to input
:server connect
on the sandbox. Your $ will change to neo4j$, and you will be connected to your database.