Connect community edition to neo4j desktop

Dear All,
I´m trying to connect my community edition database to neo4j desktop. I found some explanation on the community website, but I´m not able to run them. I think it´s due to the desktop version 4.0.3 I´m using.

Thank you

Hi, @arturo.guerrero !

You should edit your neo4j.conf file and change this param in your Neo4j Server community edition:

* dbms.connectors.default_listen_address=

I think you should only uncomment that line in the neo4j.conf file.

Also, you should open the ports 7474, and 7687 in your firewall.

Then, in your Neo4j Desktop, set up your remote connection in My Projects click Add Graph, enter the Connect URL (replace localhost with the ip address of your Neo4j server community) and the Database Name (as in the picture below).

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Thank you Alejandro,
I could be able to connect to my community edition. Your explanation will help me a lot.

Have a nice day!