Can't find Session object in .NET 4.0 driver

I just upgraded the .NET driver from 1.7.2 to 4.0.0 in Visual Studio and got all sorts of building errors.
Now I can't find any Session object even though it's in several documented samples on the neo4j site.
Am I missing something or is only Async supported?


Hey HHH,

The Neo4j.Driver package is only async - but! there is also a Neo4j.Driver.Simple package that is closer to what you're used to.

All the best


Thx for the feedback.

Is there a .NET code sample for basic async usage in Neo4j.Driver?
I can only find outdated stuff like this:


Not that I'm aware of particularly - do you have an example in 'sync' that you would like to see in async?

I might be able to convert one for you?

Thx Chris, That's a generous offer. I'll may come back to that. :+1:

In the doc you write " Each IDriver instance maintains a pool of connections inside, as a result, it is recommended to only use one driver per application ."

Does that mean you recommend the application server share the same driver instance for all users and all requests? Typically instantiate a global driver in global.asax for .NET applications?


Your docs here have no reference to the Neo4J.Driver.Simple here. Defeats the purpose and wastes developer's precious time.