Cant get HelloWorld running in .Net App

Hi and thank you for neo4j,

we would like to use it in Version 4.x inside a Windows App.

So I decided to start with the tutorial from

but getting an errormessage and cant find any informations how to fix that:

'IDriver' does not contain a definition for 'Session' and no accessible extension method 'Session'

for the following code:

using (var session = _driver.Session())

Are there any news for neo4j 4.0.0 that not working with the old (1.7) documentation?
Same on Stackoverflow:

Thank you and best regrads

Works with:

        IDriver driver = GraphDatabase.Driver("neo4j://localhost:7687", AuthTokens.Basic("username", "pasSW0rd"));
        IAsyncSession session = driver.AsyncSession(o => o.WithDatabase("neo4j"));
            IResultCursor cursor = await session.RunAsync("CREATE (n) RETURN n");
            await cursor.ConsumeAsync();
            await session.CloseAsync();

        await driver.CloseAsync();