Can not connect remotely with a Neo4j community edition database through browser!

Hi everybody,
what i am trying to achive is install a Neo4j Community Edition Server in a Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machine. It gets installed smoothly, and the default database neo4j is accessed ok through cypher-shell, but it is impossible to access it through browser with url http://localhost:7474/browser. I even used the VM public ip with a url like this: http://vm_public_ip:7474/browser. Nothing seems to work, even after i make the necessery configurations in neo4j.conf. Basically i did the following modifications:

Obviously i am doing things the wrong way, but i can not comprehend the reason. Is it some Google Cloud Platform Firewall security rule that prohibits access? Should i access it (through my browser) through a SSH secure tunel ? I can not tell. Can anyone contribute with his technicall skills? Thanks in advance for your time!!!