Can I assign role to a newly created user in Neo4j Community Edition

I am using a community edition for learning purpose and want to check whether can I assign role to a newly created user in the community edition in anyways?

You can find all of the roles you're able to assign here: Welcome to the community and I hope this helps.

Thanks Mich and I am new to this community as well.

I have referred the one you shared and as per that we are unable to add a role type to any user we created. So as per my understanding, we cant assign any user roles to any newly created user even though we are creating/assigning as an admin. Let me know my understanding is correct!

The types of roles you can assign are in the table on the page. If you're a start up business you might apply for the Neo4j start up program which would give you access to the enterprise edition. It's very easy to sign up, I'd give that a shot.