Bloom Search for Two letter Category doesn't work

I have a Node with a two letter Name "HR" which is short for Human Resources. When I search for it in Bloom, Bloom refuses to expand and complete it, even though it's an exact match.

I'm guessing that you have to type at least 3 characters before Bloom gives you a hint. This makes some sense, as the user would get an unhelpful huge list of possible matches after typing one or two letters.

I think you should allow 1 or 2 character searches to complete IF it's an exact match.

Yes, in Bloom we check for properties values suggestions if the input is more than 2 letters.
In this case, you could use the property - value format.
If you have a label or category, for example myLabel with a node which has a property name with the value HR, if you type myLabel name HR in the search box, then there will be a match and you can continue your search.