Neo4j Bloom Deep Link: What search query?

Hi there,
I'm trying to use the deep linking function of Neo4j Bloom. However, I'm not sure how to format my searches, and there doesn't seem to be a proper documentation for this.
Ideally, I'd like to find any nodes with property name = some-input.
However, even a simple query like neo4j://graphapps/neo4j-bloom?search=paper doesn't add anything in the search bar of Neo4j Bloom. Does anyone know how this functionality works?

Hi Emile,

You can check here for further information on the deep linking in bloom.

For searches of type property-value you can use the format (label or category) property_name property_value. For example, if you search for Person (category or label) nodes with the property name and the value Tom Hanks then you can type Person name Tom Hanks. So, in the search parameter, in your link, you can have search=Person name Tom Hanks (or search=Person%20name%20Tom%20Hanks).

Hi Angeliki,

The query you kindly suggested, shows Tom Hanks as a pre-populated input in the search bar.

Instead, is there a way to build a query which will show Tom Hanks node already in the scene and fully expanded?

Second, how to express more involved search logic? The link you provided, says that it can parse "... any of the search input types that Bloom recognizes", but doesn't explain how to build URLs. For example, what would be URL for "all movies in which Tom Hanks acted, released after 2005"? Is there a complete reference to building these queries?

Thank you!

About your first question, currently we don't have this feature but we are planning to look at auto-running the query for the next release.
About the second, if you search for "movies Tom Hanks acted" you will get a match. The part including the condition released after 2005 is not supported. If you want to get results for more advanced queries you can use the search phrases feature in which you can build your custom queries. For more information here

I've read that link several times, it doesn't say anything about URL API, only how to set up searches in Bloom (using Cypher).

Any chance you could write this one out (all movies where Tom Hanks acted) as an example? Thank you.

You can use search phrases titles in deep links. For example, if you create a search phrase with the title "Get all movies" then in the search parameter in the deep link you can have search=Get all movies.

About the second, if you type all movies where Tom Hanks acted at the search input (or at the search parameter in your deep link) should fetch suggestions the same as movies Tom Hanks acted.

Without using search phrases, for showing "all movies in which Tom Hanks acted, released after 2005", you can set in the search input (or in the search parameter in the deep link) "Tom Hanks acted in Movies". That, should return all the movies Tom Hanks has acted in. For highlighting the movies released after 2005, you can create a style rule for the Movie. More info here