Bloom broken after amending Perspective

I've been happily using Bloom for ages but today I added a new node label to a local graph in Neo4J Desktop, tried adding the new label to the Perspective created in Bloom by default - and now can no longer use Bloom.

Using Neo4j Desktop 1.2.5, Bloom 1.2.1


  • Create local db
  • Open Bloom, accept default Perspective
  • Add additional node label via Cypher
  • In Bloom, add new Category (it appears but does not appear to be selectable - is not added to list - just appears as predictive text in add label dialogue)
  • Restart database and Bloom - now Bloom shows flower animation then white screen with top menu bar.
  • Bloom | Developer | Reload - same

Any advice? Where are Bloom Perspectives saved?

I've deleted C:\Users*****\AppData\Roaming\Neo4j Desktop\Cache but can't find where relationships are saved - in case this is what is corrupted

And BTW where is the Bloom issues github now? It was good to be able to submit bugs and enhancement issues via github

UPDATE - copying database to another machine I was able to get Bloom working again and amend the Perspective to add the new Category. Would like to be able to fix original PC though.

This just happened to me in the exact causal sequence you outlined.
It was adding a new Category that triggers Bloom into showing a white screen only.
Neo4j Desktop : Version 1.2.5 (
Bloom: 1.2.1