Blank screen on Neo4j over WIndows10

Hi Community, I have a developer machine with Windows 10. I've installed Neo4j Desktop, and it worked well. After some days, when I launch the client, it shows a blank screen. The app tittle shows "Neo4j Desktop - - application offline"

Platform: Windows 10
Neo4j: Version: 1.1.20

Where can I see logs or some additional information? Thanks in advance!

Hello and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to duplicate the problem also and engineering is looking in to the problem.

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Elaine Rosenberg

@elaine.rosenberg is there any update on this issue? Myself too facing this issue after re-installed the latest Desktop version (after a restart)

Hi @senthilc78, I've found a workaround installing a previous version. I've installed Version: 1.1.17, it works fine. You can find a previous version here.

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Thank you @mminoli !
But i could see other threads related to this same issue which I feel Neo4J team already working on it.

My Problem is again ive to raise a New ticket to my IT team to uninstall and re-install specific version :| . Anyways thank you! Appreciate it.!


Engineering has found the problem and have provided a fix. On Windows, where you have previously installed 1.1.20 that has the problem, you can download and install this over it and it will solve the problem.

The official 1.1.21/22 release has not yet been posted to our downloads area.


The issue still persists. I am able to restart the Neo4j Desktop but the offline mode is still enabled. I have tried to uncheck the setting but it still takes me to the configure proxy setting. Its getting really frustrating.

I use Windows 10

Thank you @elaine.rosenberg !

Thank you @elaine.rosenberg.



Can you check if appSettings.enableOfflineMode is set to false in the file ~/Library/Application\ Support/Neo4j\ Desktop/Application/persist/userData.json file?


Hi Emmanuel,

This may be a closely related, but different problem. From your screenshot it looks like Neo4j Desktop starts up. Desktop will go into "offline mode" if it can't reach the public internet either directly or through a proxy setting. If the proxy setting window is popping up, then it is most likely that direct access isn't working for some reason.

Could you tell us a bit more about your environment? What's the local network look like, and do you have a router/firewall?


I use a direct connection to the internet. No firewall/proxy of anytype. I am currently connected to the internet, so its obvious the internet works. But for some strange reason Neo4J desktop does not connect.

I am having the same issue with 1.2.0.

. As soon as I click Manage on a graph, it goes to blank screen and the only thing I can do it quit and restart. Internet is working fine. I have rebooted multiple times and nothing I try makes a difference.

I have the same thing on Ubuntu - blank screen http://localhost:7474/browser/ on Firefox :-/ Works in Private Browsing mode if you need quick fix