Batchimport exception - Missing group

Howdy all,

I'm trying to import data from Postgres, and I seem to be hitting the following error:

 Stderr: 'org.neo4j.internal.batchimport.input.HeaderException: Group 'public._product_collection_filters' not found
. Available groups are: [ <redacted for brevity>

This is obviously caused by the table _product_collection_filters. At first I thought it might be a strange case of snake case to camelcase or similar, but the only references to product_collection_filters of any kind are in:

  • the mapping.json, within the sql it generates, under a table key, under an id-space key, and under a name key (as PRODUCT_COLLECTION_FILTERS)
  • the headers file (REL_PRODUCTCOLLECTIONFILTERS_34d0ff28-4caf-4698-9a4d-edf456417552_headers.csv), in the END_ID header - :END_I D(public._product_collection_filters)
  • the actual data csv export, in what would be the :TYPE column, with value PRODUCT_COLLECTION_FILTER

The command I'm running to run the mapping is:

      ${etl_tool} generate-metadata-mapping \
        --rdbms:url ${RDBMS_URL} \
        --rdbms:user ${RDBMS_USER} \
        --rdbms:password ${RDBMS_PASSWORD} \
        --output-mapping-file /data/mapping.json
        --exclusion-mode-tables ${TABLES_EXCLUSION_MODE} \
        --tables \"-l ${TABLES}\"

and the export command is:

      ${etl_tool} export \
        --rdbms:url ${RDBMS_URL} \
        --rdbms:user ${RDBMS_USER} \
        --rdbms:password ${RDBMS_PASSWORD} \
        --neo4j:user ${NEO4J_USER} \
        --neo4j:password ${NEO4J_PASSWORD} \
        --using bulk:neo4j-import \
        --import-tool ${NEO4J_HOME}/bin \
        --csv-directory /data/csv \
        --options-file /data/options.json \
        --mapping-file /data/mapping.json \
        --destination ${NEO4J_HOME}/data/databases/neo4j/ \
        --exclusion-mode-tables ${TABLES_EXCLUSION_MODE} \
        --tables \"-l ${TABLES}\"
        --quote '"' \

I have saved a copy of the CSV data & mapping and the command that the etl tool generates to import the CSVs. I'm not sure where the logs are saved to have those available; I've looked at /var/lib/neo4j/import/ and /var/lib/neo4j/logs but there's nothing there.

Additional info:

  • Neo4j version v4.0.4 (Docker)
  • ETL tool version v1.5.0 (I've packaged this into the same Docker image)
  • Importing from Postgres

Also, I wanted to try excluding this table but it looks like the mapping & export commands don't seem to be respecting the table inclusions/exclusions I've provided. Not sure if it's worth creating an issue or new post for this?

It would be good to get two GH issues for those.

What it's looking for is a node-import csv file that has public._product_collection_filters as it's group (in round parens after :ID.

Really odd, both of them.