Aura and allowed origins

When using Neo4j through Aura (via GCP marketplace), how can we tighten security for our production cluster by limiting access based on ip (ranges) or better google cloud run services?

Hi Matthias,

IP allowlists are a feature in our Aura Enterprise product. If you need to make use of them please provide a contact method (email, phone, etc.) and I can ask one of our Account Executives to follow up with you with details.


Hi Cory,

I'm confused. I reached out to earlier today and got a response from Elaine with "Please direct all questions on the Forum. We do not provide that type of support here."

We have an Enterprise license at Citizentric and want to secure our production Aura cluster which we initialized through GCP marketplace.

Mattias, can you email me directly? I'll make sure you get put in touch with the right people.

Hi Manonthemat
You can read aura documentation on neo4j website and especial cloud templates section related to GCP.